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Conditions of sale


The following sale and use conditions regulate all kind of good and service available on within the Italian territory. Please read these conditions carefully before buying the product. The general conditions of sale represent an integral part of the purchase agreement for all kind of sale by Boscomar s.p.a. and they are automatically accepted by all customers.


To enter the website, please create your account by accepting the general conditions and carefully reading the privacy policy. Please note that is supervised by Boscomar s.p.a. The company is here referred to as Boscomar. Please print and save your own copy of the general conditions of sale.


The website is only available to adult and private citizens. Users accept these conditions under their own responsibility. Minors from 16 to 18 can only enter the website if accompanied by parents or guardians. Online Shop by minors is forbidden. Consumers must enter as private citizens with no professional or entrepreneurial activity related to them (Legislative Decrees 206 and 70).


Boscomar s.p.a. is entitled to modify the website as well as its policies and conditions in order to offer new goods and services, as to be compliant with new laws and dispositions. Updates and modifications will be immediately published on the website. Users are subject to the policies and conditions in effect at the precise moment of their order, except for specific modifications imposed by the law as well as by qualified authorities. If one of these conditions is considered to be invalid or inapplicable, the other terms will be applied anyway. Users refusing to accept the modifications applied to the general terms and conditions can withdraw by communicating it through register letter or certified email with a 7 days advance notice.


The present terms and conditions do not regulate products or services by different subjects available on the website through hyperlinks or banners. Please verify the conditions of sale applied by any of these subjects before buying their products and services. Boscomar s.p.a. is not responsible for products and services offered by any of these subjects. The company does not control nor monitor any of the websites available through potential hyperlinks. Boscomar s.p.a. is not responsible hence for any mistake, omission or infraction by different subjects.


To join Boscomar shop, please click on the “register” button and create your account after giving your consent to the general terms and conditions. Users refusing the consent procedure will be unable to register and to use Boscomar Shop. Online registration is free. To create an account you need to complete the registration form by adding an email address and a password (here referred to as ‘Credentials’). You will receive an email confirming the registration. Access credentials are personal and not to be used by third parties. In case of undue use, please contact Boscomar s.p.a. You can modify your credentials by entering the ‘profile’ section. Users are responsible for the veracity and completeness of their credentials. Boscomar s.p.a. is not responsible for any penality or compensation caused by or related to users’ violation of the registration procedure. Users are responsible for each access made through their credentials; they will directly account for any damage caused to Boscomar s.p.a. due to undue use, loss, embezzlement or lack of protection of their access credentials. The account registration entails users’ consent to receive business and commercial offers by Boscomar Shop. Users can interrupt the transmission of these offers by using the specific link within the email. Even so users will be able to participate in sales and offers through the direct link by entering the access credentials. All service by Boscomar s.p.a. is dispensed in the Italian language. Each user has a one-off registration; further registrations will be eliminated. Users can check or modify their orders, as well as manage their personal data and newsletter by entering their personal area. Boscomar s.p.a. reserves the right not to accept irregular orders that are not consistent with its guidelines in the matter of quantity and regularity, as well as of undue use of gift vouchers and coupons. Users can easily eliminate their account by entering the personal area of the website.


To complete the shop procedure users need to complete an electronic form and to send it to Boscomar s.p.a. by following the instructions available on the website (Decree 70, 2003/04/09). In order for the agreement to be concluded, Boscomar must accept the order data and the payment method as to register the order. Users can correct the order before sending it. Once the order has been registered, Boscomar s.p.a. will send you an email including a summary of the general terms and conditions, as well as information about the product and its price, the payment method, users’ right of withdrawal, shipping charges, potential additional costs and customer service. Please save the email. Boscomar s.p.a. will keep the order form in its database until the day of delivery in accordance with the law. Users can consult the complete list of their orders by entering the ‘Profile’ section of the website.


Online promotions have limited life and quantity. Further Information about the validity are available on the website. Prices are issued in euro and they include taxes. Shipping charges are explicitly indicated and they include taxes too. The price can be modified without notice until the order is confirmed. The final price is the one that is indicated within the product form users receive after completing the order. Boscomar s.p.a. keeps owning the product until the user completes the payment procedure. Boscomar s.p.a. reserves the right to refuse orders by customers having any pending litigation with the company.


Boscomar Shop offers a limited number of discounted products. In case of unavailability of the ordered product, customers will be immediately informed via email and their order will be eliminated.


Delivery by Boscomar Shop is free at work and it is only permetted within the Italian territory. Products will be delivered to the shipping address users indicate in their order form. Users are responsible for the accuracy of their shipping address. Delivery time is indicated in the email confirming the order. In case of inaccuracy, please note that the order will be delivered within 30 weekdays from the order acceptance date. You will receive an email as soon as the ordered product reaches the courier. Orders are delivered from Monday to Friday during the business hours of Boscomar offices, except for festivities. If the order is undelivered, you will receive an email with precise information about the delivery date. Boscomar s.p.a. is not responsible for delayed deliveries due to third parties or force majeure. Delivery is completed when the order is made available to the costumer at the shipping address indicated in the online form. If the order cannot be delivered, the courier will leave a note in your postbox. The note will contain contact information to arrange a new delivery date. If the order is undelivered again, it will be stored and our Customer Service will contact the customer to remove the order from the stock and to deliver it as soon as possible. If the order is still undelivered, it will be returned to Boscomar s.p.a. After 30 days, the order will be cancelled (Article of law 1456). Boscomar s.p.a. will refund the customer. The refund is net of shipping and safekeeping charges. The order cancellation and the refund amount will be indicated in the email. The refund amount will be charged to the costumer according to the payment method indicated in the online form. If the costumer asks for a new delivery date, the total amount will include additional shipping charges. In case of damage, tampering or alteration of the packaging, please receive the order as “good unchecked”. In case of damaged product, please contact our Customer Service at Please specify the extent of damage and attach the counterfoil of the unchecked product better still if accompanied by a photograph of the damaged material. In case of orders received as “unchecked goods”, Boscomar s.p.a. cannot deliver a new order. The order must be return to Boscomar s.p.a. Once the dmage has been verified, Boscomar s.p.a. will refund the shipping charges and deliver a new order with no additional charges.


Users can terminate the agreement within 14 days from the delivery date with no penality nor need to account for their decision. Users can ask for termination through certified mail to or registered letter to the following address:

Boscomar S.p.A.
Via Abetonia 31/b
00041 Albano Laziale, Rome – Italy

Termination can also be communicated via fax or email to upon confirmation through registered letter within 48 hours. Users must ship the whole product in the original package within 14 weekdays from the delivery date by taking care of shipping method and charges. Please ship your products to Boscomar Logistic Service under the caption “returned nonstandard goods”. To receive further information please contact us at +39 0671301066. Returned goods do not need to be insured against theft and accidental damage. As users are responsible for returned goods, please insure them as indicated in the email. Once returned goods are received and checked, Boscomar s.p.a. will refund the whole amount within 14 days from the request of termination. The refund amount will be communicated via email and credited according to the users’ payment method or through bank transfer. According to Consumer Law Boscomar s.p.a. is not responsible for any additional charges due to different delivery methods. Termination is not allowed in case of custom-tailored or personalized orders as well as of goods that cannot be shipped or subject to alteration and deterioration such as food, cosmetics, flowers, etc. (59th Article, Consumer Law).


Payment is only allowed by credit card. Most of credit cards are accepted (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, etc). Boscomar s.p.a. guarantees a safe connection by using the SSL Protocol (Secure Sockets Layer). No amount will be charged on your credit card without a whole check of your data and the authorization of your bank. Please insert all necessary information about your credit card in the online form. Information can be modified. All invoices are available on your Profile at the “Orders” section. Users can ask for invoice via email at . In case of nonpayment, Boscomar s.p.a. will reject the order by communicated it via email. Boscomar s.p.a. reserves the right to reject some payment methods at its complete discretion.


Products available online are are compliant with the Italian legislation. Suppliers are responsible for the product description available on Boscomar Shop. Products may be different from those displayed online. Boscomar s.p.a. is not responsible for the lack of compliance with online products due to suppliers’ mistake or omission. Products available online are covered by legal guarantee as provided by the law (article 128-125, Consumer Law). Legal guarantee is valid in case of lack of compliance with the online description (article 130, Consumer Law). Customers can ask for restoration or substitution with no additional charges except for excessively expensive or unworkable procedures. If restoration or substitution is not possible, customers reserve the right to terminate the agreement or to ask for a discount. The seller is responsible towards the buyer for any lack of compliance verifiable at the delivery date. The seller is compelled to communicate the lack of compliance within 8 days from the delivery date. Products are supposed to be compliant with the seller’s description as well as with the expected quality, performance and features. Legal guarantee is not valid if the deficiency was already known or if it is due to instructions or materials different from the specific ones.


Boscomar s.p.a. commits to eliminate – as soon as possible - any mistake or omission in the online description of its products. To highlight them, please contact our Customer Service at the above-listed addresses. Boscomar s.p.a. is not responsible for any damage or alteration due to improper use, chance or force majeure, nor for any indirect loss or economic damage. Boscomar responsibility cannot exceed the whole amount of the order. Boscomar s.p.a. is not responsible for non-fulfilment by costumers or buyers due to chance of force majeure including natural disasters, terrorist attacks, service breakdown and blackout.


In case of maintenance work Boscomar s.p.a. reserves the right to suspend the service with no adequate notice. Boscomar s.p.a. can also suspend its services due to safety reasons – such as violation of confidentiality obligation – by communicating it to the costumer.


Contents available online are covered by right of use as well as by other rights in the matter of intellectual properties including images, photographs, dialogues, sounds and videos, documents, illustrations, figures, logos, menus, web pages, graphic elements, colors, desktops, types, diagrams, layouts, processes, functions and softwares. Unauthorized reproduction, modification, copy, distribution, sale or personal use of these contents is forbidden. All kind of signs and logos available online are registered trademarks and they are used by Boscomar s.p.a. as advertisement under commercial license. Unauthorized modification or alteration of the online material is forbidden.


Boscomar s.p.a. offers the possibility to use gift vouchers and coupons at its complete discretion. Coupons are available to registered users for inviting their friends to enter the website and complete the registration procedure. The value and validity of online coupons are indicated at the issue date. Coupons are only valid for specific offers and they cannot be transferred nor sold. Coupons cannot be converted into money and they do not accumulate interests. It is not possible to use coupons to cover shipping charges. Boscomar s.p.a. reserves the right to reject coupons if the order is inferior to the minimum amount allowed by Boscomar general conditions of sale. If the coupon exceeds the order amount Boscomar s.p.a. will not refund the outstanding balance. On the contrary, the payment can be completed by using the payment methods listed above. It is not possible to use more than one coupon for a single order. Coupons cannot be refunded. In case of fraud or violation of the general conditions of sale Boscomar s.p.a. reserves the right to revoke the coupon, to modify its expiry date or to restrict its use without adequate notice.